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How can I track Symptoms, Exercise, Medications / Vitamins?

Binfy has several ways to easily and flexibly track and chart symptoms, meds/vitamins, and exercises (SMEs):

  • Group Trackers (eg. Symptom Tracker)
  • Individually via A to Z (eg. Exercise A to Z)
  • Attached to customizable trackers (when supported)

Each tracking method is outlined further below, including availability online and smartphone. We primarily discuss Symptoms below; Exercise and Meds/Vitamins are very similar.

Note: Symptoms are universal to our trackers! Track from your Symptom group, from AtoZ, or from any customizable tracker to which its attached. It's the same symptom (i.e. a headache is a headache at a specific date and time no matter where it's tracked from) -- there's absolutely no double entry! Similarly, Exercises and Meds/Vitamins are universal to our trackers.

Symptom Group Tracker

With the Symptom Group Tracker, you can setup a group of the symptoms you experience most often, and/or those that you would like to keep together for charting and reporting purposes.

Then, when any (or many) of the symptoms occur, quickly track by entering each symptom's severity level, and, optionally, a note per symptom. All will be logged with the same date and time. An added benefit of the symptom tracker is that many other Binfy tools automatically include all symptoms in the group:

  • Symptom Tracker Statistics, which shows weekly to monthly averages. Available on the Symptom Tracker.
  • Symptom Tracker Chart, which charts symptom severity level (weekly, monthly, yearly). Available on the Symptom Tracker, Chart Tab.
  • Symptom Tracker Report, for viewing symptom history in journal or aggregated format. Report Link available from Symptom Tracker; Or click Reports from My Tracker (to right of Symptom Tracker).

    Note: You can also use the SME Report on My History where you can select any set of symptoms, exercises and meds (i.e. there is no pre-defined group on that report).
  • Symptom Tracker Calendar, to quick-view tracked data and to quick-jump to track. Monthly, Daily, and Weekly Views available. Calendar Link available from Symptom Tracker; Or click Calendar from My Tracker (to right of Symptom Tracker).

    Note: If you view your calendar in All mode, all symptoms you have tracked, including those outside your group, are displayed.

Accessing Group Tracker Online:
You need to add a Group Tracker to your tracker list before using. To add, go to Manage Trackers, and then add each group tracker you want to use:

You can then access the Group Tracker from My Trackers or from your tracker dashboard if you've included the tracker there.

Symptom A to Z

With Symptom A to Z, you can individually track and chart any symptom any time, either online or from your mobile smartphone.

It's simple! At the Symptom A to Z page, find the symptom you want to track, either using the finder, or the A to Z index. Then, click the symptom, and your symptom tracking page is displayed, replete with statistics and symptom trend chart.

Links on menus generally go to Symptom A to Z, and from there you can click to Exercise A to Z and Meds/Vitamins A to Z.

Tracking Symptoms, Exercise, Meds/Vitamins on Customizable Trackers

Customizable Trackers consist of a main health event - usually after which the tracker is named, such as the blood pressure tracker - with the ability to attach some or all of the following: symptoms, exercises, and meds/vitamins (SMEs).

If a customizable tracker allows SMEs, you can configure a set of each allowed type (eg. symptoms) to track on the same entry screen with the main health event. In turn, related tools for the customizable tracker, such as its health calendar and chart will include each allowed SME group.

Adding Custom Symptoms

You can add your own symptom for tracking. In turn, you can then add your custom symptom to your Symptom Tracker Group, attach it to any tracker that supports a symptom section, or track it A to Z.

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