Binfy Reminders & Alerts

Binfy has free opt-in email reminders to use with your health trackers. Setup daily or weekly reminders to update your trackers, and receive alerts about upcoming doctor's (and other) appointments. Add as many reminders as you want, and turn off or remove at any time.

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Tracker Reminders

  • Healthy Trackers

    Stay on track with these timely daily or weekly reminders. Include any (or all) of your active trackers, and use the link back to post your status.

  • Track Exercise

    Don't forget to exercise with these these reminders that link back to your exercise tracker.

  • Track Symptoms

    Reminder to update your symptom log, daily and/or weekly.

Appointment Reminders

  • Setup Appointment Reminders reminders for your doctor's and other appointments. Appointment reminders are listed and edited on your date book and not on the reminders page.