About Us

Hello and welcome to Binfy!

At Binfy, you'll find a comprehensive set of 100% free interactive tools with which to monitor your daily health. Select trackers to use based on your specific health conditions (including our weight tracker, sleep tracker, blood pressure tracker, glucose tracker). Plus you can track hundreds of health symptoms, exercises, meds/OTCs and vitamins. Companion charting and history reports abound so you can easily see and quantify your health trends, and share with your doctors. Other free health tools: tracking calendar and date book, health calculators, healthy reminders, polls, chart rooms, and more!

Binfy is produced by bInfinity Web, Inc., a publishing and technology company based in New York. Our flagship site, MyMonthlyCycles.com, launched in 2003, has provided an extensive collection of free tools to track, calculate, and manage women's cycles, including a personalized calendar and charts, dozens of calculators and reminders, and cycle related resources. Women world-wide use MyMonthlyCycles, many on a daily basis for years.

With Binfy, we've vastly expanded and enhanced these tools, substantially increased flexibility (e.g. add your own symptoms and track multiple times daily), so that ultimately a more complete health log can be stored and reviewed.

Thank you for visiting Binfy today. Have a healthy day!