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What is the tracker dashboard? Where is it located?

The dashboard enables you to quickly access the trackers you use most, and has several other quick links. The dashboard is only available for online trackers, and displays when logged into your account.

Managing Tracker Dashboard

Adding trackers to your dashboard, and removing them later, is simple. In fact, as you find yourself using some trackers more often than others, and some less often, update your dashboard to reflect your preferences.

After login, you can update your dashboard from two places:

  • Manage Trackers
  • My Trackers

Usage is the same on both pages; Both have a column to the right of the tracker, indicating if it is On Dashboard.

Adding Tracker to Dashboard

If a tracker is not on your dashboard, the On Dashboard column displays No. Click [+] to add.

Removing Tracker from Dashboard

If a tracker is on your dashboard, the On Dashboard column displays Yes. Click [x] to remove. Removing a tracker from your dashboard does not remove your access to the tracker. If you'd like to remove from your tracker list, use Manage Trackers.

Where is the dashboard located?

The dashboard is only visible when you are logged in, and is located in two places:

  • On the top of most pages, hover over the Tracker dashboard to display the dashboard.
  • On the left nav menu of most pages, click Tracker dashboard also displays on left menu (more) to open the list of trackers on your dashboard; Click less to close up. Your latest open/close setting stays in effect as you navigate around the site, until logout.

Can I use Trackers Not on My Dashboard

Definitely! The dashboard simply puts your most used trackers at your mouse-tip! To access any of your selected trackers, use My Trackers.

Tracking with Dashboard Trackers

When you access a tracker from your dashboard, the tracker's date is initially set to the current date. To track (or review) data for a different date, use the tracker's NavCal to change the date.

Dashboard Exception

To facilitate tracking, when displays within the tracking calendar date cells, or the daily/weekly date book (in All Mode), it displays all your trackers.