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How do I add a tracker?

Before using a tracker for the first time, you need to add it to your tracker list. This allows you to see only the trackers that interest you. To add:

  1. Login to your account. Not a member? Join now!
  2. Go to the Manage Trackers page
  3. Click the button to the tracker's right.

You can now use the tracker! Also, for your convenience, the tracker is added to your dashboard. Manage Trackers displays an added tracker as:

Sample showing Blood Glucose Tracker Added

The right column shows if the tracker is on your tracker dashboard:

  • Yes[X] - On dashboard. Click X to remove from dashboard.
  • No[+] - Not on dashboard. Click + to add to dashboard

When logged in, the dashboard displays on most online pages, enabling quick access the health trackers you use most. Removing a tracker from your dashboard does not remove it from your tracker list. You can access trackers not on your dashboard using My Trackers

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