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How do I remove a tracker? What happens to data?

If you no longer want to use a tracker, you can easily remove it from your tracker list. Before removing a tracker for the first time, we recommend you review this FAQ completely as it outlines what happens to data, reminders, charts, and more.

To remove a tracker, do the following:

  1. When logged in, Go to Manage Trackers

  2. Click the button to the tracker's right.

  3. A confirmation page displays, indicating what occurs when you delete the tracker

  4. To remove, click the Delete button. Click Cancel if you've changed your mind.

Ooops! Removed the Wrong Tracker?!

Have no fear, the add button is near! At Manage Tracker simply add back the tracker. Voila - all your data is there too! But Voila-not, other things will not be. Read On...

What Happens When a Tracker is Removed

The following summarizes what occurs when you delete a tracker:

  1. Deleting a tracker removes it from your tracker list and dashboard (if you've added it there). As such, it no longer displays on My Trackers (online or mobile), and you can not access it, even if previously bookmarked.

  2. Deleting a tracker does not delete any of the data from your tracker. If you add this tracker back in the future, all data you've tracked will be available, except for data you've deleted in the interim (if possible - more below).

  3. Related features (calendar, reports, etc.) are unavailable for this tracker once you remove it. If added back in the future, these are again available for this tracker.

  4. If there's a chartroom for this tracker and you've shared your chart, all shared chart(s) and related activity, such as chart comments, are permanently deleted. Adding the tracker back later will NOT restore the chart to the chartroom, though you can opt to share again, thereby starting a new discussion.

  5. If this tracker is on a tracker reminder you've setup, it is removed from the reminder. If it is the only tracker on a tracker reminder, the reminder is permanently deleted.

  6. As noted above, deleting a tracker removes it from your tracker list.

    However, you may be able to track/view some of the data with other trackers. For example, if you delete a tracker which has symptoms, you can then use Symptom A-Z to track these symptoms; If these symptoms are part of other trackers you are using, they can also be tracked on those other trackers. The same is true for exercises and Meds/Vitamins.

    You can permanently delete any tracker data while the tracker is active. Once the tracker is removed, you can not delete its data* (see exception below). However, if you add the tracker back later, you can then delete its data.

    *Exception - Symptoms, Meds/Vitamins, Exercise can be tracked independently of any event tracker (e.g. Weight, Sleep), and therefore its data can be deleted at any time.

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