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How do I permanently delete tracker data?

There are two direct ways to permanently delete tracker data: either by individual record from the tracker itself, or by using the Bulk Delete facility to remove multiple records. A third way tracker data will be deleted is as a by-product of deleting custom items which you've added, as outlined below.

Note: We recommend that before you delete data, that you use My History Reports to print out data reports that include the data you will be deleting, particularly if you are using Bulk Delete. If chart(s) are available for the tracker, we also recommend printing your charts. Delete with care - there is no roll-back!

Delete using the Tracker's Options

Go to the tracker having data you want to delete, and locate the date having the tracking record you want to delete.

In the tracker record list that displays for the date you've selected, click the delete icon. Then confirm to permanently delete.

Alternatively, when you have a data record under edit, there will generally be a Delete button on the bottom of the entry screen which can also be used to permanently delete the record under edit.

Use Bulk Delete

Use the Bulk Delete option to delete multiple records for a selected tracker. You can delete all records before or after a specified date, between a date range, or all records.

To access, click Delete Data from either Manage Trackers or My Tracker Home.

Deleting a Custom Item

You can add your own custom symptoms, exercises, and meds/vitamins to track. If you later want to delete a custom item, and you've tracked at least one data record for the item, the Custom Editor will permanently delete all of the tracker data for the item along with the custom tracking item.

Example: You add a custom symptom Itchy Back and track 12 records for it. Later, your itchy back issue is resolved, and you no longer need the custom item. You go to the Custom Symptom Editor and click to delete Itchy Back. The Editor will prompt you to make sure you really want to delete both the Symptom Itchy Back and the 12 data records you've tracked. If you confirm you do want to delete, your itchy back data is permanently deleted.

In the example above, you could have used the Bulk Delete option, outlined in the previous section, to delete your Itchy Back data. In that case, the Custom Symptom Editor would simply delete the custom symptom Itchy Back, since you will have already deleted the data.

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