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Difference between Manage Trackers and My Trackers

Manage Trackers, My Trackers, and the Tracker Dashboard all share in common access to trackers, but in different ways, as outlined in this FAQ.

As a quick overview: use Manage Trackers to add or remove trackers; Use My Trackers, either online or on mobile, to access all of your active trackers and, optionally, to see latest tracked data; And setup and use the Dashboard to access your most used trackers.

Manage Trackers

Binfy has many trackers. At any given time, you may be interested in using many, all, or just a few. Manage Trackers is used to maintain your active list of trackers. You can only use a tracker if it is in your active list. Use Manage trackers to Add a tracker to your active list, or to remove it later. You can also use Manage Trackers to manage your dashboard.

Currently, manage Trackers is only available online. However, when you add a tracker, you can then use it online or on mobile smartphone (if a web-enabled mobile version is available).

Note: If you visit Manage Trackers while logged in, you can click on any tracker in your active list to access it. If not in your active list, you'll be taken to a page where you can review the tracker's options, as well as add it to your active list.

See the following FAQs for complete details:

My Trackers

The My Trackers page has links to all of your active trackers; That is, those you have chosen to use via Manage Trackers. You can also manage your tracker dashboard via My Trackers.

The link to My Trackers is only available when you are logged into your account.

You can also opt to review a summary of your most recently tracked data on My Trackers. Use the Show Recent Data to set your preference (also available on Settings page). Set to Yes to View Recent Data.

Online - View Recent Data: The Open All and Close All links can be used to open each tracker's most recent data section. Or, you can use and to individually open/close. For customizable trackers, all items comprising the tracker are listed (i.e. the main event and any attached symptoms, exercises, and meds); for each item, last tracked data summary, if any, is displayed.

Mobile - View Recent Data: An abbreviated summary is shown for each tracker having a past tracking record, with the following exceptions:

  • For customizable trackers, only the main event is listed . Any symptoms, exercises, meds/vitamins you've attached are not listed on mobile's My Tracker page. This is similar to the mobile tracker itself: only the main event is displayed.
  • For the Symptom, Exercise, and Meds/Vitamins Trackers, no last data is shown on mobile's My Trackers page. Last data is only displayed on the tracker screen.

Tracker Dashboard

The dashboard enables quick access to the trackers you use most often. The dashboard is only available for online trackers, and displays on most pages when logged into your account.

Dashboard Icon: Tracker dashboard

For complete details on the dashboard, see FAQ:
What is the tracker dashboard? Where is it located?