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Calculate the year of any of your high school reunions or college reunions, and, optionally, how old you will be. For example, calculate when your 15th, 25th or 50th class reunion occurs Also use this calculator to check the date of any past reunions.

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In the Graduation Year field, enter the year you graduated from high school or college.

In the Which Class Reunion field, enter the reunion number for which you are calculating. For example, if you want to find out when your 15th class reunion occurs, enter 15; For 40th, enter 40.

While most high school reunions typically occur at 5 or 10 year intervals, you can use this calculator to determine any class reunion. For example, you could calculate when your 21st reunion would be - regardless of whether or not it is actually held!

About Calculator

If you are wondering when any of your high school reunions will occur, use this calculator to easily find out! By entering the year you graduated, along with which reunion milestone to calculate (e.g. 10th, 20th), the reunion year will be shown. Whether your high school actually has a reunion that year is another story, based on your high school's alumni association, and/or the initiative and enthusiasm (or apathy) of your graduating class.

If a specific reunion will be held, such as your 10th reunion or 20th reunion, will you attend? That's a question you get to decide. One of the really nice things about a reunion is you can decide to attend, or stay home and play hooky: it's completely your decision. This is in stark contrast to high school, which, of course, is mandatory in the US. We all had to show up, whether we were interested in our classes, or in socializing with our classmates. Monday to Friday, every week, except holidays, hoped for snow days (if you were lucky enough to live in snow country), and, the longed for break, summer vacation!

Often, people attend reunions closer to when they graduated, like the 10th year reunion, for a variety of reasons: because they've stayed in touch with some of their classmates, but have re-located, so it's a great time to meet-up in person; others have lost contact, and go to re-kindle old friendships or flames; others, starting out in their careers, want to network; And still others go out of curiosity, to see if the class hotties are still hot, and the notties not - often finding out it's now the complete reverse; and some go to see everyone's path, particularly in relation to one's own. Then, of course, there are those who wouldn't attend even if they were paid to do so. They were happy the day School's Out(... Forever) [1972, Alice Cooper], and have never looked back!

As time progresses, mid-life reunions, 20th, 25th, 30th, often fall when everyone's life is in full gear, busy with careers and raising families, many living far from their high schools; So while some want to attend these reunions, both logistics and lack of time stand in the way. Enter social media, which, for many, has facilitated staying in touch. For those who'd said good riddance to high school, social media often affords the ability to peer into what classmates' lives have become, or at least the persona they choose to put out there.

Now we're up to 40th and 50th high school reunions, which, as anyone whose reached these milestones knows, time flicked by seemingly in an instant, and here we all are: older, some wiser and funnier, others louder and more obnoxious, some balder, wrinkled, fatter except those who've had an injection or nip and tuck, a topper or toupee, and other tune-ups, or kept fit and lean or were genetically blessed. We may be affluent, attained our career aspirations, or be less successful than hoped, divorced twice or thrice or never married or happily so, have kids that are great or great disappointments, lost one or both parents or spouse or child and a myriad of other life events. We've graduated to being the older generation, that same group we didn't listen to and generally disrespected a mere 40 or 50 years ago, when we knew better and they knew nothing. Will you go to your 40th or 50th high school graduation? Your choice to walk backward and see what was and is, or go forward in blissful anonymity.