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Calculate the reunion corresponding to any year since you graduated high school or college. For example, what reunion will my high school class celecbrate in 2031 and how old will I be?

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Entry Fields

In the Graduation Year field, enter the year you graduated from high school or college.

In the Reunion Year field, enter the year the reunion will take place. This can be any year after the year you graduated. The calculator will determine the reunion milestone for the year. That is, which reunion occurs in the specified year, such as your 15th or 20th reunion.

About Calculator

This calculator determines the reunion milestone corresponding to any year since graduating from high school or college. If, for instance, you are wondering what reunion occurs this year or next year, or in any future or past year, simply enter the year you graduated along with the year to check, and the reunion number will be calculated.

Keep in mind that not every reunion is cause for celebration, at least from the perspective of your school's alumni association which typically helps coordinate reunions. For many high schools, the first reunion is often 10 years after graduation. From there, reunions are often in increments of 5 or 10 years. For example, after the 10th reunion, there's sometimes a 15 year reunion, and it might then skip to the 25th. It varies by school, and even within schools depending on the enthusiasm, or lack thereof, of any graduating class.

Consequently, the reunion calculated may not occur for your (or any) school. For instance, if you graduated in 2007 and use 2033 as the Reunion Year, the 16th Reunion is calculated. Chances are good, your school will not have a 16th reunion, though it may have a 15th reunion in 2032, or a 20th reunion in 2037.

If you want to calculate when a specific reunion occurs, such as your 15th or 25th high school or college reunion, use the Reunion Calculator, which, optionally, can show old you will be at that reunion.