Life Clock Calculator

Calculate your life clock based on expected longevity for your country or your projected live until age. Also shown is chart of life lived and how much time is left. View life clock for anyone!

(Optional) Use if building clock for someone else

Life Span: (Select life expentancy based on country, or specify age)

Entry Fields

In the Age Now enter your or the person's current age.

If you leave the Person's Name field empty, it's assumed the age clock is for you; Alternatively, personalize the clock by entering the name of the person.

Life Span - By Country Longevity: To build the clock, the age until you or the person lives until is needed. This can be based on the life expectancy in the country where the person lives, and, optionally, the person's gender; If gender is omitted, the average life expectancy for the country based on male and female is used. Currently, longevity by country is based on recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Life Span - By Projected Age: Alternatively enter the age you expect the person to live until. That might be based on the age of family members or longevity data you might have from other sources.

About the Life Clock

The life clock makes it easy to get a perspective on where you are in life right now. The accompanying chart summarizes life lived versus life left to live. You can generate your clock based on the life expectancy in the country where you reside; Or, what-if by entering a projected live until age.