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How Do I Customize a Tracker?

Customizable trackers come in two flavors:

  • The tracker has a main event, and allows you to add some or all of the following sections: a group of Symptoms, a group of Exercises, a group of Meds/Vitamins.

  • It is used exclusively to track one of the following types: Symptoms, Exercises, Meds/Vitamins. For example, you might build your Symptom Tracker to contain the symptoms that occur most frequently on a daily basis.

The diagram at right is for a customizable tracker that has a main event and supports all 3 sections: Symptoms, Meds/Vitamins, Exercises.

  1. If a tracker is customizable, it will contain this Modify Tracker link. Clicking on it takes you to the customization page.

  2. The link to customize symptoms is displayed if this tracker supports a symptom section, and there are no symptoms attached to the tracker.

  3. The link to customize Meds/Vitamins is displayed if this tracker supports a Meds section, and there are no Meds/Vitamins attached to the tracker.

  4. The link to customize Exercise is displayed if this tracker supports a Exercise section, and there are no exercises attached to the tracker.

Note 1: Clicking on 2,3, or 4 will take you to the same page as clicking on 1. The main difference in using the section's link (2-4) is that you'll land on the customization area for that type.

Adding Your Own

The customization page has links to add your own Symptoms, Exercises, and Meds/Vitamins.

Refer to the FAQ: Adding my own symptoms, exercises, meds/vitamins?

Are there limits per section?

Yes, the number of items you can add to a given section is limited (e.g. how many symptoms you can add to the Symptom section of a tracker). When you click through to the customization page, limits to how many items you can add per section are displayed.