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Health Calendar - How do I track from it?

Tracker Calendar Month View

It's simple to use the month calendar as your tracking jump pad! Go from the month calendar to a tracker for any date, and then return back to the calendar for that same date. This is particularly useful if you want to add a group of data for different trackers on a past date.

Add Tracker Data for Selected Calendar Date

Use the date cell helper to go to a tracker for any selected calendar date.

Add Tracker Data for Selected Date

When in All tracker mode, a dashboard displays (sample at right) so that you can easily go to any of your active trackers for the selected date.

When your calendar is for a specific tracker, click to go directly to the tracker for the selected date.

Edit Tracker Data for Selected Calendar Date

Edit Tracker Data for Selected Date

The date cell helper is present if there's tracker data for the specified date. Click on any listed item in the detail window (sample at right) to go to the associated tracker for that date, automatically in edit mode.

Calendar's Toolbar - Track for Current Date

Clicking Tracker on the calendar toolbar will go to the selected tracker for the current date (ie. for today). For example, if you're viewing the Weight Calendar, clicking Tracker goes to the Weight Tracker for today.
Tracking Calendar Toolbar
Note that the Tracker link is disabled when in All tracker mode.

Return to Calendar from Tracker

Trackers have a toolbar, which includes a Calendar link:
Tracker ToolBar
Clicking on the Calendar link from the tracker's toolbar will return to the calendar based on the tracker's date. The calendar month corresponding to the tracker date is automatically selected.

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