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Health Calendar - Options and Views

Our online health calendar is a versatile tool to facilitate tracking your daily health events, and to review your tracker data in a variety of formats.

Calendar Tracker Option - All or Specific Tracker

You can view your tracker data on the calendar for All of your active trackers, or for a specific tracker. Use the Tracker drop-down to set your calendar option:

Often, the tracker option is automatically set on entry: for example, if clicking into the calendar from a tracker, or from your tracker home page, that tracker is automatically selected in the drop-down.

The calendar's data, its toolbar (shown just below), and date-cell helpers are contextual to the tracker option you select.
Tracking Calendar Toolbar
Note: Some options, such as Appointments, are global to all trackers, and are not affected by tracker option.

All: Your calendar displays data for all of your active trackers, within the calendar's date range; Date-cell helpers list All trackers, etc.

Specific Tracker Examples (assumes these are active trackers): Select Blood Pressure and the calendar and date-cell helpers are contextual only to blood pressure tracker data. For instance and (month cal) apply only to the blood pressure tracker, making it simple to add/edit blood pressure for any date. Similarly, select Sleep Tracker for a dedicated Sleep Calendar, Weight for the Weight Calendar, etc.

Calendar Tracker Option - Access and Auto-Set

Often, when accessing the calendar from a tracker, or tracker related tools, the tracker option, and therefore the calendar, will automatically be set for that tracker. For instance, if accessing from the Calendar link within the Weight tracker, the weight tracker is automatically selected, and the calendar is dedicated to your Weight tracker.

Also, when accessing the Daily or Weekly Calendar from the Month Calendar, or vice-versa, the tracker option carries over, making it particularly easy to zoom into date detail for a specific tracker.

Calendar Tracker Views

There are 3 calendar views: month, daily, and weekly. Month view is the default, and where you'll land when you click site links for calendar.

Health Calendar - Month View

Health Calendar - Month View for All Trackers

Easily view a summary of tracker data for any month.

In All mode, the color-coded date cells make it simple to see when you've tracked, and how much:

For a specific tracker, you'll see a summary. Due to space limitations, only a few items are listed in a date cell, with {#} more... if the limit is exceeded.

Health Calendar - Month View for Food Log Tracker

If abbreviations are used, make sure to view the details window, outlined below, for full descriptions.

Anatomy of a Month Calendar Date Cell

The first sample, at left, shows an empty date cell.

The second, in the middle, is a sample Blood Pressure Calendar date cell. Here, we'd hover the info icon for the details window.

The third, at right, is a sample Food Log Calendar Date Cell. We'd hover for full detail. The icon indicates an appointment exists on this date, displayed because we've selected the Calendar's Show Appointments option.

Date Cell Helpers - Month Calendar

In Month View, the following date cell helpers are available, contextual to the tracker option:

Add Event

Add Tracker Event for Date

When in All tracker mode, a dashboard displays so that you can easily go to any of your trackers for the selected date (not just those on your tracker dashboard). Hover to display; Click to track.

When your calendar is for a specific tracker, click to go directly to the tracker for the selected date.

Tracker Detail Window

This icon indicates if there is tracker data for this date, either for any tracker (in All mode), or the specific tracker you are viewing.

Tracker Detail Window

Hover to view your data. The detail window has helper links, contextual to your tracker option:

  • Daily - Go to daily calendar for this date
  • Weekly - Go to weekly calendar for this date
  • Tracker - Go directly to the specific tracker for this date. Not available in All mode

Tracker Helpers

If there's no tracker data for a given date, this icon displays. Hover over it for a small window of helper links, the same ones described above for .

Appointment Detail Window

Appointment Detail Window

indicates if there's one or more appointments on this date. Hover to display detail window.

Note: The Show Appointments (Appts.) calendar option much be selected to see appointments on your calendar.

Date Cell Helpers - Weekly Calendar

The Weekly calendar has just one date cell helper:

Add Event
Hover to display a dashboard so you can easily go to any of your trackers for the selected date.

Daily Calendar - Helper Menu

Hover on the daily calendar to see a list of all your trackers. Click the tracker to go directly to it for the date you are viewing.