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Where is the tracker I added?

Did you add a tracker to your tracker list, but now can not find it? There are a few possibilities, so let's take a look, after a little background.

First, every tracker that you add using Manage Trackers should be on your tracker home page.

For web: My Trackers (left menu)

Second, when you add a tracker, it's automatically added to your tracker dashboard, available for online trackers. However, you can remove any tracker from the dashboard.

So while My Trackers always has all your added trackers, the dashboard can have a subset.

With this in mind, let's investigate! Make sure your logged into your account...

  1. Is your tracker on My Trackers but not the dashboard? If yes, chances are you inadvertently removed it from the dashboard. To put it back on the dashboard, simply go to the web version of My Trackers (or Manage Trackers) and add it back to your dashboard. Case Closed I!

  2. Is your tracker on My Trackers? If no, you may have opted to remove the tracker at some point. Go to Manage Trackers. If you do not have the tracker, the Add button is present. But, instead of clicking the Add button, click the tracker name (link).

    This takes you to the next page where you can add the tracker, and also see if you had used it in the past: if so, information about when you last removed the tracker is displayed. Case Closed II!

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