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Free daily fortune cookies online and maxims to inspire your everyday.

How to Generate Your Daily Fortune / Maxim

Simply click or tap the Generate Fortune button and, voila, a daily pithy aphorism or fortune shall appear.

If you long for have another, tap again. The generator will let you k now when you've exhausted your daily fill. Visit again, on the morrow, for more!

What is a fortune cookie?

Traditionally, fortune cookies are served at the end of a meal in chinese restaurants. They are a cookie which envelopes a fortune inside. You open the cookie by pulling both sides in the opposite direction, extract the fortune, and mull over its quip to see if it relates to your life. If dining with others, everyone usually reads their fortune aloud, sometimes swapping with their eating companions for fortunes that are more applicable.

What is a fortune cookie made of?

Fortune cookies are actually remarkably simple to make. There are two main fortune cookie recipes: those without butter and those with butter.

The no butter recipes typically have only few ingredients:

  • Egg Whites
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla and/or Almond Extract
  • Flour
  • Salt

What's fortunate (pun intended) about the no butter recipes is that they are a low fat snack. Some people love fortune cookies because they are light and usually not overly sweet.

Can you make fortune cookies at home?

Indeed you can. They are relatively simple. It just takes a few times to be able to fold the cookie with a fortune inside.

Where can I find fortune cookie recipes?

There are many recipes for making home made fortune cookies here on the internet. Below are several links to recipes, which also include instructions for folding the cookie:

How do your online fortune cookies differ from offline?

Well, our fortunes come without the actual cookie. That makes them no calorie. But their little nuggets of sage prognostications, quips, and maxims are equally as delicious; brain nourishing you might say!

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