Free Food Log Tracker, Food Nutrition Labels, Calorie Reports

Whether you're dieting, watching your weight, or just want a better handle on your eating and drinking habits, our free food tracker and companion food nutrition labels can help!

Free Food Log Tracker
  • Track everything you're eating, from meals to snacks, even diet sneaks.
  • Plus track what you drink - water, coffee, juice, beer...
  • Easily select and track from thousands of foods in our nutritional database*, and also track your own foods and drinks.
  • Use our free Food Nutrition Calculator to check a food's calories, fat content, cholesterol, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, auto-adjusted to your actual serving size.
  • Many free food log reports: daily journal, daily calories, calories aggregated by meal, and more!
  • Log to your food tracker online or from your web-enabled smartphone (always in sync!)
  • Many helpful free weight calculators
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Free Food Log Tracker
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