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How can I track on my mobile smartphone? Same data?

Use Binfy from your web-enabled smartphone to track and monitor your daily health matters on the go!

  • Most of our online trackers also work from mobile smartphones with web access.
  • And, health charts are also mobile-ly available
  • Plus, run mobile history reports to review your data
  • Is it the same data? Absolutely! Access web or mobile any time and see your current data! It's always in-sync!
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, and many more.

Access mobile trackers and charts now! Or click Mobile on any page.

Mobile vs Online Trackers Differences: Do Tell

There are some differences between our mobile trackers and charts and the online versions:

  1. Manage Trackers is not available on mobile. To add or remove a tracker, you need to use the web version.
  2. Bulk Delete Data is not available on mobile. You can, of course, delete tracking records individually.
  3. Tracker Groups are generally not available on the mobile version.

    Space being limited, mobile trackers are on a per item basis. So, for instance, where a web tracker might have the main health event and symptoms and exercise on one tracker, on the mobile version, the symptoms and exercise would not be present.

    A to Z to the rescue! You can track hundreds of symptoms, exercise, or meds/vitamins from your mobile too!
  4. The exception to the above is that Symptom Groups, Exercise Groups, and Meds/Vitamins Groups are preserved on mobile. For example, all symptoms in your group will display on one page, as a menu list. However, as with all other mobile trackers, you need to track each item individually.
  5. My Trackers (when Show Recent Data set) only displays recent data for the main health event. It does not display recent data for the Symptom Group, Exercise Group, and Meds/Vitamins Group.