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How do I change my date and time?

Our servers are in the US, and are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you are accessing Binfy from a different time zone, and want to track based on your date and time, you can easily adjust using Settings.

On the Settings page, use the What is Your Today's Date and Time entry fields to adjust your date and time.

Note: Binfy trackers do not allow you to track future events, where future here means beyond the date/time configured in Settings. If, for example, you set your time 6 hours ahead, your new tracking records can be recorded based on your time zone. At issue would be if you were to then go back to Settings and try to adjust your date back in time. Settings will not allow the change to be saved -- until that time difference (in this case, 6 hours) has elapsed. Typically, you're setting your time zone ahead, or behind, to match where you are tracking from and so that your tracking calendar, etc., reflects this, so this issue should not occur.