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How do I add a cell phone email address to my account, and why?

If you add a cell phone to your account, you can opt to have Binfy tracker related reminders and/or appointment reminders emailed to that mobile device.

Note: If you do choose to send reminders to a mobile device, your mobile carrier may charge you for every text message: make sure to check your plan.

To add a cell phone email, use the Add New Cell Phone link on the My Account screen.

When you add a cell phone to your account, it is marked as pending, and is not yet available for use. A text message is immediately sent to your cell phone containing a confirmation code. Once you receive the code, return to My Account, and click the confirm link next to the cell phone; On the next screen, enter the confirmation code.

Important: To activate your cell phone on your account, your cell needs to be able to receive text messaging. Your carrier may charge you for each text message you receive.

Confirmation Message not received? - If you did not receive the text message on your cell with the confirmation link, you can use the resend option, which displays to the right of the cell phone email address.

Stopping Cell Reminders

You can inactivate, or permanently delete, any reminder you setup. To do so, go to Reminders. All of your reminders are listed. Any reminder you've setup for a mobile phone, has Mobile To: displayed in the list. To inactivate, use the Set Off link for the reminder; To permanently delete, click the Delete link.

Appointment reminders are only sent once, per your setup (e.g. 3 days in advance) prior to the appointment. Therefore, you do not need to remove past reminders as they will not be re-sent. To remove any cell reminders you've setup for future appointments, locate the appointment(s), edit, and disable the Remind Me option by un-checking the box.